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WattBuddy wins best overall app!

WattBuddy won the top prize for best overall app in the Department of Energy's Apps for Energy contest, the second piece of the American Energy Data Challenge. On Wednesday Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz announced the winners and presented WattB with a plaque, at an energy Datapalooza sponsored by the White House. 

WattBuddy and WattZ win big at Department of Energy contest

WattBuddy and WattZ won huge prizes at the second Department of Energy AppsForEnergy contest April 29th, and could still win another prize at the end of May. WattBuddy won the biggest prize announced to date, the first prize for the GreenButton Data use, and a second prize for best use of the Energy Information Administration API. WattZ took home the prize for best use of the Building Performance Database. Best yet, WattBuddy is a finalist for the best overall prize, which will be announced on 28th May at a Department of Energy event.

Tech Cocktail article about WattBuddy and WattZ!

I forgot to post this before, but Ronald Barba did a great writeup of WattBuddy and WattZ in Tech Cocktail last month. He talked to me and covered both applications really well in the run up to the Department of Energy contest. I'm super excited that he took the time to dive deep and help us get the word out about saving money and electricity with WattB.